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madden-ultimate-team-playoffs.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jan 8, 2014

Madden Ultimate Team Playoffs

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is in full playoff mode as it launches another huge content update this Thursday, January 9. Read on for details on all new playoff-themed players, solo challenges and collections in MUT.


Play against the division winners in eight new solo challenge sequences. Each sequence includes seven games with increased coin rewards. Complete the sequence to earn that team’s play of the year collectible that’s used in new collections (see below).


Find more than 160 new gold and elite-level players from the playoff teams in packs. In addition, 32 of the best MUT players from every NFL team are available as collection rewards.


Some of the best players in the game are available as rewards for these new collections. There’s one for every NFL team, with special players available for division winners. To earn these, you’ll need a combination of players, a play of the year collectible from solo challenges, a game of the year collectible from season rewards packs, and a division winner collectible found in any pack. The rewards for these division winners are elite 99 OVR rated players that boost stats to your entire squad!

The division winner collectibles cannot be auctioned or traded. Solo challenge sequences will give you the opportunity to acquire a random collectible every week through the playoffs, and each collectible will be offered as a single item in the store for coins for a limited time throughout the playoffs.

Log in to MUT this week and power through the playoffs on the road to the Super Bowl!


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