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blogheader-meet-alex-crop.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Mar 20, 2013

Meet Alex, The Yogify Guru

My name is Alex Mazerolle and I am a Vancouver-based yoga instructor. I started practicing yoga at the age of 20 and became a teacher soon after that. I came to yoga after suffering an injury as a dancer and haven’t looked back since. I am passionate about yoga's ability to heal our bodies, to free our minds and connect us to our hearts. I have trained in various styles and methods throughout the years, starting as a Hatha teacher and quickly moving into the dynamic practices of Power and Flow Yoga. My teaching style is a mix of all of my training backgrounds with an emphasis on fluidity, influenced by my 18 years of dance experience. 

Outside of designing these programs, I am busy with several other ventures. I started my company Girlvana Yoga in 2012, which runs programs in high schools and community centers teaching teen girls empowerment and self-worth through yoga and meditation. We also run teen girl yoga retreats, as well as work with dancers, athletes and girls with eating disorders. Girlvana Yoga is committed to creating a generation of women and girls who are awake, heart-centered and fully expressed. 

I am also a lululemon athletica ambassador, a teacher at YYOGA and run a weekly community event called YOGA EAT REPEAT at the popular Gastown cafe, Nelson the Seagull. 

Here are 10 more interesting facts about me:

  1. I am a total hip hop lover, anything from Wu-Tang to The Roots. I see a lot of shows and I am always blasting music in my car. 
  2. I drink a green smoothie everyday loaded with kale and superfoods. I’m really good at making them taste amazing!
  3. The first yoga class I ever taught was to my mom in our backyard.
  4. I go to the mountains once a week to hike. Connecting to nature is essential for healthy head and heart space. 
  5. I created Gratitude Emails with a circle of friends a few years ago. We write five things we are grateful for and send it to each other. It is a great way to stay in touch and inspire one another.
  6. Girlvana comes from the root word nirvana which is a Sanskrit word that means “free from suffering.” I wanted to give teen girls the tools to be free from their suffering.
  7. I moved to LA when I was 19 to pursue a career as a professional dancer.
  8. My favorite movie is the 80's classic Flashdance. The lead character's name is also Alex. 
  9. My favorite show on TV is New Girl.
  10. After all these years of yoga I still have really tight hips. 

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