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madden-mobile-update-header.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Nov 22, 2013

Madden NFL 25 Mobile Road to the Playoffs Update

The Road to the Playoffs begins with a new update to Madden NFL 25 Mobile! Download the update today on the App Store and Google Play.

This massive update includes new features, improved gameplay and overall usability.

Changes include:

- Earn rewards and build your team rating faster when you complete collections
- Collect a combination of players to unlock Elite players, coin rewards and more
- Elite players have unique modifiers that boost your team’s attributes
- New unique collections will be added weekly

- Plays you own are free! They no longer cost coins to call them.
- New interception system - Find yourself picking off passes with more authenticity
- New kicking system – A new flick-based system makes kicking more fun
- Bug fixes for improved stability
- New players based on their performance so far this year.

- More than 200 new games are now available!
- Solo Challenges may be selected in any order and team requirements have been adjusted for easier access
- Field Goals and Punt challenges now improved to provide more fun and variety with added wind effects

- Auction House now provides expanded search options to help find the player you’re looking for!
- Streamlined experience to get you playing faster than ever before
- Team management improved to help you set the line-up of your dreams

Check back in Madden NFL 25 Mobile every week as we add new content on the Road to the Playoffs!


Madden NFL 25 is now available on Apple and Android devices. Join the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.