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adrian-peterson-mut-chemistry-auctions-seasons.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Apr 1, 2013

Chemistry, Auctions, and Seasons in MUT

Madden Ultimate Team allows you to build your own customizable team and compete against others online. Fans in MUT can collect star players, set lineups, and complete collections to earn coins, special packs and unlockable elite players and items. 


Madden NFL 25 marks the reintroduction of Chemistry in Ultimate Team, which revamps the way you’ll set your lineup. There are four offensive and four defensive styles to choose from, and using players that fit your scheme is crucial. Looking to air it out with a long pass offense? In that case, you should combine a strong-armed quarterback like Matthew Stafford with a receiver who can get up the field like Larry Fitzgerald. If you’d like to build your defense around rushing the QB, then players like Aldon Smith or Von Miller will prove invaluable. The choices are yours.

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Buy and sell items with other players in the Auction Block. This is a great way to find the items you’re looking for, or turn any unused items into coins. You can search Auctions by item type, tier, position, team, and overall player rating.

To place one of your items on the Auction Block, send it to your Current Roster and determine the duration, starting price, and “buy it now” price for your item auction.

If you’re looking to exchange items with players, then try utilizing the Trade Block to get a great deal for an item you’re not currently using. You can search Trades in the same way you searched the Auction Block.


Compete in Head-to-Head Seasons to earn rewards. Head-to-Head seasons are 10 games, and culminate with an eight-team playoff. Performing well in the regular season earns a higher seed in the playoffs and potential first-round bye, and rewards will increase as you advance deeper into the playoffs. There are eight increasing levels of competition. The higher you climb, the bigger the rewards become.

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Madden NFL 25 is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary and buy your copy today.