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Hello Madden NFL fans, my name is Donny Amlin (aka RYURYU2949 on PS3) and I am a Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) fanatic.  I have been playing MUT since the day Ultimate Team was introduced to the Madden NFL series in January 2010.  I am a frequent contributor on the MUT section of the EA Sports forums and on DigitalUnionHQ, a PS3 MUT online community.  I was recently invited to participate in a preview of Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 13, and I am excited to share my thoughts on the newest version of my favorite gaming mode.

Ladies and gentlemen, Madden Ultimate Team 13 will rock your world.  Over the years, there has been much to love about MUT, but also many areas in which improvement and refinement were greatly needed.  The MUT Development Team has heard all of your feedback on Twitter (@EASPORTS_MUT), the EA Sports forums, and on EA Sports Game Changers, and has worked diligently to make this version of Madden Ultimate Team the best one yet.  In short, they have succeeded, and we are all about to reap the benefits.

The first major improvement I want to discuss is the new deeper card reserve limit.  In years past, Madden Ultimate Team users were limited to keeping only 100 cards, which included a maximum of 55 players.  The 100 card constraint limited users in many ways, including forcing users to delete player cards that they otherwise may have used, and limiting users’ abilities to save cards for future collections.  Alternatively, users were forced to store some of their cards in the space for pending collections, their trade block, or even on secondary MUT accounts.  Those days are over.  Now, with deeper reserves, MUT users can store far more cards than they could conceivably use.  This means greater opportunities to experiment with different players and lineups, and also a much easier way to store cards for future collections.  At last, my space for pending collections can once again be used to place cards for collections, and my trade block slots can be used for their intended purpose.

The second major improvement is a complete revamp of the Madden Ultimate Team auction system.  For the past two years, MUT users have been limited to selling their cards for between one- and three-times the “face value” of the cards (which itself was an arbitrary concept).  Well, gone are the “face values,” and gone are these strict limitations on MUT users’ ability to buy and sell their cards.  Now, any card in the game (from Mr. Irrelevant to reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers) can be sold for between 150 coins and 10 million coins.  This flexibility will also eliminate all the hassles many of us experienced on community forums, such as the EA Sports MUT forum, when we wanted to buy or sell a card for more than the maximum price the system would allow. 

Additionally, as requested by many Madden Ultimate Team users, the mandatory “buy it now” option has been made optional.  Sellers may now put a rare card, like a Joe Montana legendary card, up for auction for the minimum price (or any other price up to 10 million coins) with no buy out, and allow the market to dictate the selling price.  These changes add a whole new dimension to the market-based aspects of Madden Ultimate Team.

Speaking of Joe Montana, the cast of legends that will be included in Madden Ultimate Team is their biggest roster yet.  In addition to “Joe Cool,” NFL greats such as Ronnie Lott, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman will be making their first appearance in Madden Ultimate Team, along with many holdovers from MUT years past (Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Lawrence Taylor, among others).  And, for the very first time in Ultimate Team history, Legendary Coaches will be stalking the sidelines of your MUT team, including Joe Gibbs, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi, and the man they named the game for, John Madden. And with the dynamic aspect ofMadden Ultimate Team’s week-to-week changes, this could mean multiple versions of your favorite legends, celebrating key moments in their careers such as their rookie years, record-setting performances, and outstanding playoff feats.  I for one am excited to see if my Warren Moon can evade “Mean” Joe Greene’s pass rush and complete a deep pass to Michael Irvin over Dick “Night Train” Lane’s outstretched arms before Ronnie Lott comes to lay the smackdown.

I am also excited to report that it will be easier to obtain these legendary players than in years past.  For Madden Ultimate Team 13, all packs will be able to be purchased using in-game coins instead of just through Microsoft Points or PSN dollars. This is a change that I know many of our loved ones (and especially my wife) will appreciate!

Finally, I am excited about a brand new mode within Madden Ultimate Team called “Solo Challenges.”  At times during my MUT career, I have wanted a break from playing other users online, but my only option was to match my Ultimate Team against the CPU.  There was nothing exciting about this, as it was just a regular game, with only a limited coin reward, and was too easy for most MUT players even on All-Madden difficulty.  Solo Challenges, however, will fill this void.  I like to think of this mode as “Ultimate Team meets Madden Moments.”  Throughout the year, MUT users will be given situational challenges to conquer, which, if completed successfully, will earn users coin and card rewards, as well as unlocking additional and more difficult challenges.  For example, suppose Madden cover athlete Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Jr., goes off for 200 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns in his first regular season game against the Rams.  Your Solo Challenge for Week 1 could be to use Calvin Johnson Jr. on your Ultimate Team to equal or best those stats.  Or, perhaps your Solo Challenge could be to use your Ultimate Team against the Lions and stop super-boosted Calvin Johnson Jr. from going off.  The possibilities for this new Madden Ultimate Team mode are endless.

These are just some of the improvements you can expect in Madden NFL 13’s Ultimate Team mode.  Look for MANY other excitingMadden Ultimate Team features as the season progresses, including multiple content drops per week (featuring new collections, player-of-the-week cards, and Solo Challenges), exciting new game modes within Ultimate Team, and innovative ways to manage your Ultimate Team (including when you are away from your console). 

August 28th cannot come fast enough!  Until then, I will be completing collections, collecting MUT12 draft pick keeper cards, and playing more games to achieve greater loyalty rewards for Madden Ultimate Team 13.  I suggest you do the same.  I look forward to seeing you on the forums, on Twitter (@ryuryu2949) and on the (virtual) field in Madden Ultimate Team 13!

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