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website-update-na.jpg POSTED BY Alistair Reid ON Feb 11, 2011

Goodbye: My Player Hub. Hello: My Game Data.

My Game Data is our latest change to the EA Sports Football site. It’s replacing My Player Hub and gives that area a good scrub up at the same time – not least with the all new Friends Leaderboards and Player Stats Comparison features.

 **NEW** Friends Leaderboards

These have been extended to support more than just online ranked matches. Friends Leaderboards are now available for the other connected modes that appear in the front end leaderboards in-game, namely;

  • Virtual Pro (Overall Points, Goals Scored)
  • Career Mode Player (Trophies, Awards, Earnings)
  • Career Mode Player + Manager (Trophies, Awards, Reputation, Earnings)
  • Career Mode Manager (Trophies, Awards, Reputation, Earnings)
  • Furthest Goal (by individual difficulty level + the arena)
  • Fastest Goal (by individual difficulty level + the arena)
  • Longest winning streak

And that’s not all... the new leaderboards are cross-platform! So even if your friends play on Xbox and you’re on PS3 the new Friends Leaderboards will still let you compare your form to theirs - and claim those all important bragging rights. (NB: the existing Online Ranked Leaderboards remain platform specific.)

**NEW** Player Comparison

The new Player Comparison feature lets you compare your online ranked game stats and accomplishments with up to four friends. You can also use the Player Comparison feature to scout online opponents you’ve just played and add them to your friends list - so you can compete and compare yourself against them whenever the urge takes you.

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