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Ea_Sports_NBA_Live_14_Toolkit_081513_Lores.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Sep 17, 2013

NBA LIVE 14 First Look Trailer

Today marks the first official look at NBA LIVE 14 gameplay. Over the coming days and weeks, the NBA LIVE team will be providing more info on all game features and modes.

To complement the video, below is a breakdown of some of the cool elements and features you may not have noticed the first time you watched the clip.


The development team scanned the real NBA arenas and paid attention to every last detail in bringing the arenas to life.


With the power of next-gen, you can see the emotion and focus of every big moment in the faces of the players.


NBA LIVE 14 gives you full control over all the NBA’s greatest players, allowing you to utilize the individual styles that make them NBA superstars.


Players react realistically and intelligently to everything on the court. Big men fight for position in the post and perimeter players smartly space the floor to stretch the defense and open up shot opportunities.

Fans in North America can pick up NBA LIVE 14 on Tuesday, November 19, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Preorder today, and be sure to check the NBA LIVE website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.