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ncaa-tv-header.jpg POSTED BY Justin Dewiel ON Jul 5, 2012

NCAA Football 13 TV Spots Revealed

Here’s a sneak peek at our three exclusive television spots promoting this year’s game:

Son- You may think it’s cool to take an all-time great from your arch rival and put them on your favorite team within the ALL NEW Heisman Challenge mode, but what would your father think of it?

Wrong- Watching Tim Tebow set record after record in the SEC is bad enough for a Georgia fan, but to put him on your team in NCAA Football 13 is just flat out wrong! You’ll want to close your door and make sure your friends and family don’t find out about this one.

Tiger- Mike the Tiger wants to win the Heisman in NCAA Football 13… what better way to do so then to put RGIII on his beloved LSU Tigers. It all sounds good until Les Miles walks into the room!

NCAA Football 13 hits stores on July 10th!

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