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12092012-NCAA_CoverVote_Blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Dec 6, 2012

NCAA Football Cover Vote


Are you your school’s biggest fan? Have you ever painted your face, gotten up before the sun rises or yelled until you lost your voice all in the name of college football? If you said yes to any of these your school needs you now!

EA SPORTS is inviting YOU the college football fans to showcase your passion in a brand new NCAA Football cover vote. Voting for all 126 teams is now open on the NCAA Football Facebook page and will continue through December 31st. In addition to the main polls, there will be plenty of other ways fans can support their favorite team and push them into the round of 32. Throughout the month we’ll be showcasing specific rivalries, conferences, traditions, and college football legends, and every single fan interaction counts as a vote. Liking posts, sharing stories with friends, voting on rivalries and leaving comments all count as supporting your school; so be loud, be proud and make yourself heard. We'll also be providing regular updates throughout the process so you’ll know exactly where your team stands and what you need to do to make sure they advance into the next round.

NCAA Cover Vote

Don’t forget, fanhood extends beyond just voting. True fans are encouraged to come up with creative ways to represent their team. Impassioned tweets using the hashtag #NCAACoverVote, Instagram photos of campus landmarks, YouTube videos of university traditions and more will all count toward a school’s chances to advance to the next round. In short, fans are encouraged to go all in and represent the team they root for every Saturday!

So what are you waiting for? Go Vote Now!

Vote for schools from Air Force to Missouri
Vote for schools from Navy to Wyoming

Download and share school specific assets to show your support for your school at

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