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POSTED BY akatkin ON Sep 1, 2011

EA SPORTS and NCAA Football Announce Inaugural Fellowship

It’s time for college football! As the Rebels, Badgers, Bulldogs and Tigers kick off the season with plenty of touchdowns, fight songs and bowl games to come, two student-athlete football players will have a chance to “go pro” with the EA SPORTS fellowship program. If college football video games are an area of academic study, this inaugural fellowship program from NCAA Football and EA SPORTS would be Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard all rolled into one.

For 16 weeks beginning in January of 2012 these fellows --in the scholarly sense of the word-- will take all of that fresh football knowledge and understanding and contribute insight and details to the next edition of NCAA Football. We’re talking full integration with the development team, offering ideas and getting things done. The NCAA Football development team is already stocked with diehard football fans and a couple of former players. Two more former players added to the mix will just add to the established tradition.

Student-athletes with engineering, art, design and other backgrounds are encouraged to apply as this first-of-its-kind program takes shape around the first two fellows. Candidates will be evaluated on their areas of expertise, academic performance and enthusiasm for the sport of football. Former players who hated playing football probably won’t want to bother.

The program will be based at EA Tiburon in Orlando, Florida. Interested applicants may work directly through EA SPORTS University Relations. For more information, please contact Shawnna Adamson, EA SPORTS University Relations Manager,

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