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POSTED BY akatkin ON Apr 11, 2011

New SSX Developer Video Released

The second installment in the Making SSX: Bringing Back the Franchise video series has stormed out of the gate with “Part 2: Physics Gameplay & Tricks.”

In this installment of the series, Producer and Creative Director Todd Batty takes you behind the scenes with exclusive, never-before-seen footage that focuses on gameplay, tricks, and the visually stunning over-the-top environments that will be featured in this much anticipated upcoming release.

In the three-minute video Batty talks with members of the development team in EA Canada, including software engineers and animators, while showcasing early concepts of already awe-inspiring in-game footage and providing a glimpse on how some of the tricks make it into the game. Visit the SSX: Deadly Descents Official Website to watch this brand new clip.

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    Please just ditch the arcade snowboarding style and do something like "Stoked." I know you all can do it better but SSX is just not it, as much as I embraced it as a kid...
    Jul 19, 2011
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