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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 28, 2011

New Star Wars Video Available

A new Star Wars: The Old Republic video has been released, showing off footage of a group mission to take down a militaristic Republican war hero who seized the throne in a misguided attempt to protect the people of Alderaan.

Watch as a squad of determined players break into a magnificent fortress to confront the self-crowned king in a throneroom showdown!

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players are free to forge their own way through the galaxy. Some will spread light and others will spread darkness, and in this story-driven MMO, the destiny of beings everywhere may rest on your shoulders...choose your side wisely.

For more information or the possibility of testing the game, head over to the official website and create an account!

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    Visit the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website to learn more about the game.