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nfl-blitz.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 19, 2011

NFL Blitz To Hit Consoles This January

Blitz’s bone-crunching plays are back from the 90s – and in brutal hi-def. This January, EA SPORTS will release an all-new version of arcade classic NFL Blitz for both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

Like the original version, the new NFL Blitz is penalty (and mercy) free. You get all the savage takedowns, players on fire, and fast-paced gaming of its predecessor. Plus, the twitch of the original arcade controls has been translated to the console, so you can deftly stiff arm your way to glory.

Want to test your tactics online? Join a friend for some 2-on-2 co-op or go head-to-head to make a name for yourself on the Battle Boards. The game’s single player mode puts players through the vicious Blitz Gauntlet, where they’ll take on NFL teams and exclusive fantasy character bosses in the Blitz Coliseum.

Another new feature of NFL Blitz is the Elite League. Purchase card packs using Blitz Bucks earned through online games, and you’ll collect players to customize your lineup. If you collect an entire team, you’ll unlock powerful Pro and Ultimate players that give your team a competitive edge. Earn enough Blitz Bucks, and you can even unlock the famous Blitz cheerleaders.

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