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getting-started-nhl-14-blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Sep 12, 2013

Guide to Getting Started With NHL 14

Since we’re strong believers that any gamer should be able to load up NHL 14 for the most enjoyment in the least amount of time, we’re here to make sure you get started on the right foot. After all, it’s not your game if you don’t get to play it your way.

With that concept in mind, the NHL 14 development team has included a series of “hospitality settings” designed to help gamers tweak and tailor their experience without having to deal with the usual manual sliders and control settings of the past. Here’s what it means for you:

Pick your Game Play Settings:

The first thing NHL 14 will want to get to know about you is how often you play. This helps determine which of three skill-levels to start on. Once a difficulty setting has been decided, you’ll get to choose from one of three Game Styles that best suits you.

  • Arcade: Highlights a mix of huge hits, fast-paced game-speed and blistering hard shots.
  • Simulation: The most real-to-life hockey experience, as well as the default online setting.
  • Hardcore Simulation:  Realistic and similar to simulation but with manual passing enabled, more stick-on-stick collisions and stick-on-skate collisions.

Pick your Controller Settings:

Once you have settled on a Skill Level and Game Style, it’s on to controller settings, with three more options that cater to all preferences.

NHL 94: Just what it sounds like – the classic control scheme for those who are old-school and proud of it. Shoot/check/hustle and pass/switch cover everything you need.

Skill Stick: For those new-schoolers who shake their heads at the button-mashers of the world, this setting provides an immersive experience that allows full control through use of both analog sticks.

Classic Controls: The best of both worlds. Think an improved/advanced version of NHL® 94 controls that still lets you use buttons.

Update your Rosters:

As any gamer knows, having the right players available with the right teams is a huge part of the NHL experience. Up-to-date rosters is key. NHL 14 offers roster updates for players that either join or create an online session. Players can also download the updates manually through the roster management section of the menu.

Download Tuner Sets:

Like tuning the static out of a radio station, NHL 14 developers are committed to making your gaming experience the best it can be.

If any minor detail of the game ever requires a tweak, gamers need just lookout for some Dynamic Messaging to appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen letting them know that a new Tuner is ready for download. Seconds later, the game should be running better than ever.


NHL 14 is now available in stores. Pick up your copy today and experience Hockey Ultimate Team,NHL® Collision PhysicsNHL 94 Anniversary mode and much more.

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