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TSFPHalloweenBanner.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 21, 2014

No Tricks, Just Treats in The Sims FreePlay

Dragons, magic wands, mummies and flying broomsticks? It must be Halloween in Sim Town! The Sims FreePlay is celebrating with these Spooky Gifts in the latest update:

Vampire Chest

Make your bedroom festive for Halloween with this spooky vampire chest! Warning: Nightmares may ensue. 


Show your spooky spirit and light up your porch for the holiday!  

Dracula’s Dining Chair

Is your living room eerie all of a sudden? It’s probably the chair’s doing…

Books of the Dead

The dead live on through these novels – we recommend sleeping with a nightlight after reading! 

Haunted Painting

This haunted painting turns any house into a ghoulish place.


Fancy taking a bath? Your Sim can, in this creepy Bloodtub!

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    Unfortunately I see this (as many will) as nothing more than underhand marketing tactics in attempt at increasing demand for the abysmal failure of Sims 4. You would do better admitting to your customers that holding back many of the features we came to expect was a bold, yet ultimately flawed decision. I for one will put serious consideration into "purchasing" any further title from EA I'm afraid, purely because of your DLC policies in place.
    Oct 24, 2014
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    I'm a huge fan of Freeplay, being that my tablet is easier to hold than my laptop, with me having osteoarthritis, having many updates with many different tasks to do, repeatedly makes this game hours of fun for me. I love the fact that EA put so much effort into older games/apps to keep everyone happy & if bobbinsnake is not happy with the new features of Sims Freeplay, then they should stick to playing Sims 4 & keep horrid comments to themselves! Not every game is for all but I too love this!
    Oct 26, 2014
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    A must-have game. Spooks, Fun and Magic. All in Sims 3 perfect for Halloween. Besides the fact that its cute, and it's design artistic, it includes our fans favorite activty in these games: building characters. I can't wait to cast some spells.
    Oct 29, 2014
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