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POSTED BY Peter Moore ON Jul 18, 2011

Peter Moore: EA SPORTS is Growing!

It’s an exciting time for us at EA SPORTS as we continue the radical transformation of our business.  There is now more opportunity than ever to bring connected sports experiences to our fans in a multitude of ways, on a multitude of platforms.  Success is no longer measured on the results of packaged goods, but rather in how we engage with our community and build a persistent, online world that is with you anytime and anywhere.

Building this digital playground is not a flip of the switch.  We must craft the proper infrastructure with talent that upholds the EA SPORTS strategic pillars: Innovate for the core, create value through live services, and develop new experiences for new consumers.  The expertise required means new jobs, many in functions that didn’t previously exist.  Our business is changing and so are our needs for talent.

I’m happy to confirm the expansion of EA SPORTS to the bustling development community of Austin, Texas.  As we’ve seen through the current EA studios based in Austin, the area provides a thriving talent pool of game developers, and their passion for sports (especially football - Hook ‘Em Horns!) is unmatched.  Combined with a political leadership that is dedicated to growing the digital media industry, Austin became the perfect location to begin our expansion.  Within the next year, we’ll be building a small team that will be focused on development on HD platforms.    

This expansion won’t be limited to Austin, as we’re continuing to strengthen our talent pipeline within our core studios at EA Canada and Tiburon as they continue to build towards the next-generation of sports experiences.  Once again, welcome Austin, Texas to the EA SPORTS family!