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pvz-daytime.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 16, 2012

Plants vs. Zombies Invades The BlackBerry PlayBook

Get ready to soil your plants – again! Today, the BlackBerry PlayBook welcomes the award-winning Plants vs. Zombies to its garden of portable games.

With a 7” LCD to play on, Plants vs. Zombies looks better than ever. Take on 50 action-packed and infinitely replayable levels that challenge you to defend your front lawn from a menagerie of ghouls. Plus, give your green thumb a workout with an assortment of lively mini-games.

In Plants vs. Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ll choose from an ever-increasing arsenal of zombie-zapping plants in order to confuse, weaken, and mulchify the monsters plodding across your yard. But plan well, because each type of zombie has its own special skills and behaviors. You’ll need to quickly and strategically plant peashooters, cherry bombs, and other fighting flora to stop the fun-dead from reaching your door.

Pit your garden against the grave when you pick up Plants vs. Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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