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02_EAS_SeaonTicket_Marquees_NHL.jpg POSTED BY Gabe Leon ON Sep 7, 2012

Play Early. Play More. Play Better.

The momentum began last week when Madden NFL 13 hit the shelves. We’re just days away from storming the ice with the release of NHL® 13. And in just a few short weeks, players can begin their chase for glory with FIFA Soccer 13.

With the EA SPORTS™ 13 lineup revving up for another exciting season, it’s safe to say that games and rivalries are already beginning to heat up on every playing field across the land. 
So the question is: are you going into battle with all guns a-blazing?
Well, if you’re an EA SPORTS™ Season Ticket subscriber, the answer is simply “yes.”
Here’s what we mean:
With EA SPORTS™ Season Ticket, you’ll get ahead of the game—and a leg up on the competition—in all participating titles thanks to three major program benefits:
Early access to all participating titles three days early.
Access to more than $100 in paid downloadable content (PDLC) across all participating titles.
20% off all PDLC across all participating titles.
Let’s begin with early access. NHL® 13 hits the stores on September 11. As a Season Ticket subscriber, you can light the lamp beginning on September 8. That means more practice time, more game time, and more action on the ice than some of your biggest rivals. Not to mention bragging rights to boot.
Looking ahead a few weeks, the case is the same for FIFA Soccer 13, available to the general public at midnight on September 25. As a Season Ticket subscriber, however, you can hit the pitch beginning September 22. The same goes for other participating titles that follow.
Another benefit is gaining access to more than $100 of paid downloadable content. More on this later, but in a nutshell, you’ll receive a slew of PDLC across multiple titles at no additional cost.
Finally, Season Ticket subscribers will receive a 20% discount on additional PDLC moving forward. No hidden fees. No one-time offers. 20% off—just like that.
Now let’s talk more about NHL® 13.
In addition to playing the game three days early and receiving 20% discount on future PDLC purchases, players who are looking for the complete NHL® 13 experience will be thrilled to know that they’ll receive Hockey Ultimate Team packs throughout the season, 24 NHL Gold Premium Packs to be exact.
With these packs, you can assemble the ultimate NHL roster and test their skills against other NHL gamers—and their ultimate teams—online. 
And the benefits for FIFA Soccer 13, Madden NFL 13 and other participating titles are similar. 
With FIFA Soccer 13 you’ll receive 24 FIFA Gold Premium Packs, while Madden NFL 13 provides you with 1 Legendary Pack and 24 Pro Madden Packs.
In all, the total bundle of items has a value of more than $100—all included as part of your subscription.  
So yes, the program that gives you early access to all of your favorite EA SPORTS titles is bigger than ever, and delivers even more value for only $24.99 or 2000 Microsoft® Points for 12 months. 
As we like to say: Play Early. Play More. Play Better with EA SPORTS Season Ticket.
For more information, check out the EA SPORTS Season Ticket website on HOW TO GET STARTED.
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