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GDC_Banner_Women.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Mar 3, 2013

#PlayAs1: Sarah Dahl, The Sims

Women in the gaming industry have varying experiences in the workplace, and as the #1ReasonWhy Twitter hashtag demonstrated, many were unfortunately less than empowering. Here at EA we want to help change this story by writing a new one. Leading into the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2013 that will take place in San Francisco from March 25-29, the EA Diversity & Inclusion team will be sharing stories from women working in the industry.

This week, Sarah Dahl from The Sims 3 team shares her story:

“I never imagined that I’d have the opportunity to work in the gaming industry. Considering it’s a male dominated industry I was unsure of how I would fit into the culture. I soon realized how wrong I was. The amount of talent and creativity circulating through the studio was tangible, both among men and women. Each person was so gifted and contributed in a different way. I thought, “How am I going to be able to contribute? What can I offer?”

Little did I know the journey I would take working on The Sims 3 franchise. I learned a lot as I worked on finding the bugs that would affect the users, while also trying to make it the best gaming experience I could. I began to develop a love for the product, and for the people we were working for. Using the Sims, I worked on my own Sims Story and posted it on my personal blog for the community to see. I became involved with the community and connected to the people we were building the games for. With the love and understanding I had developed for our players, I was able to give my feedback to the developers and help them create a game that would be entertaining to the wonderful people I had met. I felt like I was able to take my compassion as a woman, and my understanding of our fans to our game and make it something they would love.

Working in this industry has taught me to be proud of who I am as a woman, and contribute to an incredible industry with a unique point of view.”

What would you do if you were in her shoes? Answer the question “What unique perspective would I offer to a game?” on Twitter with the hashtag #PlayAs1 for our Diversity & Inclusion team to read. The first 5 people to tell us their stories will receive a copy of The Sims 3, and everyone who answers with the hashtag by March 29 will be entered to win the grand prize of an EA Swag Pack!

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