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blogheader-practice-yoga.jpg POSTED BY Jen Riley ON Mar 20, 2013

Practice Yoga at Home with Yogify

Start with a typical one-hour yoga class, which can cost between $12-18 in most major North American cities. Add in monthly fees, usually north of $100, plus a year-long membership that could set you back over $1000. Clearly, there are better ways to spend your money.

That’s where Yogify comes in.

Yogify is a free yoga app offering five studio-quality classes available when you download. We start off with one 15-minute and one 30-minute Level 1 class that will teach you the building blocks of Flow Yoga: Sun Salutations and Warrior Series, respectively. Both classes are accessible to new yogis but are also valuable for those with experience. Additionally, there is one 45-minute flow class in Levels 1-3 which shows off this style of yoga.

Once you have a taste of what is available, we offer nine different programs in Levels 1 through 3, each focusing on Strength, Balance or Flexibility. All programs feature five classes ranging from 15 to 60 minutes and will have a “peak pose” or specific focus that you can see from the class name. Purchase one program for $1.99, bundle a level for $3.99 or download the entire collection for $9.99.

In total – that is a lot of yoga for not a lot of money. Over 30 hours of 50 progressively-challenging classes that will take you from beginner to guru…all for the price of a glass of wine!

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