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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 30, 2011

Restaurant City And Bounty Team Up

For those of you that love Restaurant City on Facebook, a great deal is coming your way. Electronic Arts has collaborated with Procter and Gamble to feature its Bounty products in the popular Playfish game, and it takes just a few easy steps to unlock some great stuff!

Restaurant City players that “Like” the Bounty Facebook page are rewarded with a decorative Bounty Tower that when displayed in players’ restaurants adds five popularity points to their restaurants. Players will also be presented with two “Bounty Challenges” that kick-start their cleaning quest and opens the door to earning a special Bounty paper towel roll and a dutiful Bounty Janitor to help you out.

In the first Bounty Challenge, players are tasked with getting their restaurants “Bounty Clean” by cleaning five messy spills. Upon completing this task, players are awarded with a Bounty paper towel roll that gives them the ability to clean their entire restaurant with one mouse click. In the second Bounty Challenge, players are asked to use their Bounty paper towel roll to clean their restaurants five times to receive the services of the Bounty Janitor who can clean the restaurant 30% faster than normal.

Head over to the Bounty Facebook to get your reward for Restaurant City!