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ea-logo-black-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 3, 2012

SimCity 2000 and The Sims Selected for MoMA Exhibit

If you were still wondering, "are videogames art?", then this should answer your question. MoMA recently announced they have acquired 14 videogames as an initial seedbed of about 40 games to be displayed in an exhibition in March 2013. Both SimCity 2000 (from 1994) and The Sims (from 2000) were selected for this prestigious group. 

As the MoMA noted in their blog post, games were selected for a "combination of historical and cultural relevance, aesthetic expression, functional and structural soundness, innovative approaches to technology and behavior, and a successful synthesis of materials and techniques in achieving the goal set by the initial program".  

Both titles were also recently named to Time's "All-TIME 100 Video Games" list along with other EA studio favorites including M.U.L.E.NBA Jam, Madden NFL 95, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Rock Band and Mass Effect 3. It's no question that both SimCity 2000 and The Sims have cemented their status as legendary games that have influenced the industry.

Congratulations to the Maxis studio for having both games selected for the MoMA collection. Tell us - what games do you play that you feel are museum-worthy?