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Marketing_EAcom_BlogHeader_OTH-SC2KTuesdayExclusive.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 9, 2014

SimCity 2000 is On the House

One of the most beloved retro EA games is now available On the House on Origin. Now you can step back in time absolutely free.

This classic title goes way beyond building a city. You’ll be laying down districts, assuring everyone has power and water, acting as the mayor, and making sure to keep your citizens happy, healthy, and wealthy. The game’s iconic art style will transport you back in time.

Want to play now for free? Just log in to Origin, head to the On the House page, and download SimCity 2000 to your “My Games” library. You’ll be able to play it whenever you want.

Want more games? Check back often for new titles available on Origin Game Time and On the House.


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