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me3-comic-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 6, 2011

Special Edition Of Mass Effect Comic Book Released

Mass Effect fans attending New York Comic-Con have an exclusive comic they can look forward to getting their hands on. During the show (October 13th-16th) attendees will have the chance to pick up an exclusive special edition of Mass Effect: Invasion #1, signed by Mass Effect Lead Writer Mac Walters and featuring brand new cover art designed by the Mass Effect team!

The new comic series from BioWare and Dark Horse Comics unveils the harrowing events that follow the conclusion of Commander Shepard’s journey in Mass Effect 2. It tells the unforgettable story follows the merciless and self-appointed queen of Omega, Aria T’Loak. Omega is known as being the seedy underbelly of the galaxy, and Aria has no qualms about opening up the space station to organizations with questionable intentions, including pro-human Cerberus. But when Cerberus unleashes an unnerving new danger, Aria must defend against a menace that threatens the entire station.

Mass Effect Invasion Exclusive Cover Art

Penned by Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters with an original script by John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knight Errant) and stunning original art by Omar Francia (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2), Mass Effect: Invasion is a comic series that fans of the Mass Effect universe won’t want to miss.

The special edition will is limited, so fans should hurry to pick up their copy during NYCC! If you aren’t one of the lucky ones attending NYCC, the regular edition of Mass Effect: Invasion #1 will be available at comic book retailers starting on October 19th. Revisiting the Mass Effect universe in this latest comic is sure to get you pumped for the continuation of Shepard's story. Pre-order your copy of Mass Effect 3 on Origin and get ready to continue the fight against the Reapers.

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