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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 12, 2011

New Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Progression Video


With conflict comes opportunity and a good smuggler is always willing to run some risks for a big payday. As the Empire and Republic battle each other, enterprising individuals who aren't afraid to skirt the law have grown in number to take advantage of the chaotic turmoil. Some keep a low profile while others thrive on their outlaw reputations. What kind will you be? In Star Wars: The Old Republic the choice is yours.

The newest class progression video showcases a sampling of the abilities, armor, and equipment that give the Smuggler the tactical edge needed to stay one step ahead of the law. From low blows to quick draws, this class is prepared to get into and out of skirmishes with style and swagger. You can see the stealthy Scoundrel specialization and the flashy dual-wielding Gunslinger for yourself in the video at the official site.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the new groundbreaking MMORPG from BioWare that combines their expertise in role-playing games with the expansive Star Wars universe. Create your own character from a wealth of customizable options, gather companions to form a crew, group up with like-minded players to enter intense missions, and prepare to do battle for the fate of the galaxy. Pre-order your copy on Origin today to get early game access and an in-game Color Stone.

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