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swtor-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 28, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Takes Over The EARS Atrium

Chat with almost anyone at our EA Redwood Shores campus and you’ll find two common threads: (1) EA employees really love video games, and (2) EA employees really love working at EARS. While the reason for the first thread is obvious (who doesn't love gaming?), you'd have to walk onto campus to discover one of the reasons for the second: EARS' massive collection of game art and media.

Walking through any section of any floor yields artwork and posters pinned to corkboards, cubicles, and walls. Alice teapots hold nibbled-on pencils, an oversized PlumbBob dangles from a ceiling, and a massive black dragon (part of a previous Dragon Age campaign) stares down diners as they snack on al pastor tacos. You can even visit a hall lined with box art for some of EA's first titles. But one of the most dynamic art installations on campus resides in the Atrium Café.

The EARS Atrium

See those tall, lamp-lit panels? Every month or so, the Events team on campus curates a selection of concept art from a recent game and hangs it among the Atrium's greenery. This month, for example, lunchtime visitors are being treated to a variety of illustrations and concept art pieces from the upcoming Bioware MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

If you made it into one of the game's recent beta weekends, you may actually recognize some of the sketches and scenes below. Many of them have already became polished, functional parts of the SWTOR universe:

See anything you haven't encountered in-game (or in-preview-video)? Wish you could see the blue print for something else entirely? Let us know which piece is your favorite, then share what you've got hanging in your cube.