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swtor-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jan 18, 2012

SWTOR’s Rise Of The Rakghouls Update Goes Live

For those hardcore players who have already hit the level cap, today’s content update for Star Wars: The Old Republic couldn’t have come soon enough. For the rest of us, it’s right up there with magenta lightsabers and Hard Mode loot – just one more reason to look forward to end-game.

Titled Rise of the Rakghouls, Episode 1.1 delivers a slick new package of high-level content, including a new Flashpoint called “Kaon Under Siege,” which takes you and three allies to the Rakghoul-infested planet of Kaon. Check out a preview of the action – and the enemies – in the trailer below:

Rise of the Rakghouls also brings a massive expansion to Karagga’s Palace, more than tripling the size of the Operation as a whole. Bounty hunters, battle droids, and brand new loot await top level players.

In addition to expanding the game’s end-game content offerings, Episode 1.1 will also address balancing issues, exploits, and bugs throughout the game, improving the overall in-game experience. Check out the patch notes for all the gritty details.

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