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The Bar, Arcade, Gallery coming to the Mills 50 District

All we truly knew, at the time, was that a storefront stated video games, beer, and art were coming to 1205 N. Mills Avenue. That alone could pull in its fair share of patrons, but the latest has us itching at the trigger or in this case, the joystick.

Since the ending of Rocky's Replay, this might be the only bar-arcade combo in town. Although, Sportstown Billiards is filled with pool, a SEGA Basketball game, and Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots -BART seems like it will be a full throwback to our 80's childhoods, yet instead of a can of Tab to go along with that game, grab a craft beer.

Classic, full cabinet video games such as Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, and Donkey Kong will fill the new bar. Add local urban art and craft beers from Abita and Anchor Steam - the concoction is a sure-fire bet.

So, grab your BMXs and jump some clay hills and head on over to BART for nostalgia and brew - opening by the end of the month.