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bf4-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 9, 2013

The Road to Battlefield 4

The Battlefield team has launched a new blog series called "The Road to Battlefield 4" where they'll explore all the aspects of the game in detail with the DICE developers. The first post is now live on their blog, here's a snippet from the post from lead multiplayer designer Thomas "Tompen" Andersson, a DICE veteran:

I think Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is incredible, but I can’t wait to hear what our fans think about Battlefield 4. We’re having a blast playing it at work in its current Alpha stage, and I think we’re onto something big. We want to build upon what makes Battlefield 3 great, and one of the areas where Battlefield shines is team play. The way we’re going about it in Battlefield 4 is to highly encourage team play – but never force it. We want to promote team play by creating great gameplay mechanics such as Field Upgrades, Commander Mode, and a new range of gadgets specifically designed to expand co-operation in the field. We have drastically expanded on the tools and benefits of efficient team play, and as a result we feel Battlefield 4’s multiplayer experience is the deepest, most rewarding, and fun experience in the series.

The four playable kits from Battlefield 3 will be back in Battlefield 4: Engineer, Recon, Support, and Assault. While keeping these core kits intact, we are increasing the ability for players to more strongly specialize their combat role while also increasing flexibility and catering to different play styles. At the same time, we’re maintaining a distinct flavor in the different kits and building more meaningful interactions between them. We will go more in-depth on the specific classes in the next blog post.

No matter your play style, we have an extremely deep collection of features in Battlefield 4, and we want to make sure that you can experience that wide array of options available to you. Looking at Battlefield 3, I think only a fraction of our players have tried all available gadgets or vehicles in multiplayer. Of course you don’t have to use everything in the game, but I think we can do a better job in BF4 of letting players make more educated choices in their kit loadouts and combat roles.

I think some players in Battlefield 3 stuck with the default Assault loadout. That’s fine – there’s a reason why it’s the default – but I think they’re missing out on so much amazing variety. In Battlefield 4, we’re clearly displaying what gadgets can do for you, how different weapons compare, and how they affect your options on the Battlefield.


To read the full post with more details on Field Upgrades, Levolution and more - visit the Battlefield blog now.

More on Battlefield 4 will be unveiled during EA's gamescom press briefing on Tuesday, August 20 at 7:00a.m. PT/10:00 a.m. ET. To watch the news event, follow the Battlefield live stream during gamescom and catch up on everything happening at the show, go to

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    whens the beta being released
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    You monkeys in the ******* Battlefield department, make it so it works on the ******* xbox 360 slim ********!!
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    The game battlefield 4 is amazing it has the best grafics and also put call of duty ghost to shame
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