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gamechangers-header-na-3.jpg POSTED BY Zfarls ON Jun 5, 2012

Top 5 Features of the Madden Infinity Engine

The Infinity Engine introduces endless possibilities in Madden NFL 13. Gamers were pumped when they heard the word physics dropped at E3. SGibs and ZFarls have had the privilege to play with it as EA Gamechangers, here is what they liked the most!

5. Mid Throw Variation– In Madden NFL 12, if your QB was being sacked during his throwing release, the ball went straight into the ground or he tucked it for a sack. Now, if the QB gets his arm clipped mid throw, it actually effects how much power is put on the pass. Depending on the angle and amount of impact the arm received will change the ball path everytime. This creates some unique chances to intercept passes as the ball feels really live this year!

4. Running Inside/Draws – When playing online, many gamers like to drop their defensive lineman into zone coverages. This leaves the defense open to draws by the offense.  Running backs could slide in behind their lineman and make cuts to find a running lane even in traffic. Now, you must lay off the turbo and really look to find an open lane. If you try and run up the back of your lineman, you will stumble and lose your momentum. When getting those tough yards inside and trying to move the pile, bigger backs will now have more success. You can use the RS to lean forward or go for a hurdle if players are on the ground. Make sure you have a player with good carry as hurdles leave you open to big hits from the defense!

3. Hit Sticks – Momentum goes along with the new infinity engine as the faster you are moving downhill will depend how far you can drive the pile on offense, or lay the wood on defense. If you get a big defender moving towards the line of scrimmage at the snap, there is a better chance of getting the big hit. The player feels like he has weight and can really bring down an unsuspecting ball carrier hard!

2. Instant Replay – Roughly one in every five plays would force us to pause the game as we had a holy crap moment and experienced something we had never seen before. Whether it was a tweak to an animation or a unique collision, we always wanted to take another look. Even small things like stumbles that happened away from the play caught our attention and added a whole new depth of realism to the game!

1. Catch Tackles – With 430+ new catch animations, gamers may have been concerned that offense would win out this season. However, with the addition of catch tackles, gamers are really able to battle out on catches this season. If the defender gets good positioning, he will have a chance to make a play on the ball in the air and knock it loose! This will be a huge factor in defending those tough players who have great stick skill (like myself) and will help continue the trend of tremendous balance the game achieved last season. For real fun, add a second defender to the party and watch the ensuing collisions!

ZFarls and SGibs are the authors of the Official Madden NFL 13 Players Guide. Pre-Order it here! They have been members of the EA Sports Gamechangers program since 2011 and attended multiple community events for NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Madden NFL.

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