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Top 5 Sleeper Teams in NCAA Football 13

The launch of NCAA Football 13 is less than two weeks away. One question we get every single year is who are the sleeper teams? What are the teams that no one is using? Below is our Top 5 Sleeper teams in NCAA Football 13.

Honorable Mention- Houston Cougars, BYU Cougars

5. FIU Golden Panthers

While the FIU Golden Panthers don’t have one player rated 90 and above they do have eighteen players rated 80 and above. This might seem inconsequential but that means that just about everyone that starts on this team is rated 80 and above. The screams sleeper in NCAA Football 13. While they have no standout player they have performers at every position on the field. HB #9 and #6 can both carry and catch out of the backfield. WR #5 and WR #88 are nice options down the sideline and will be poised during road games. Defensively the secondary is a huge strength for the Golden Panthers. CB #27 and CB #39 have the talent to compete against any receiver in the country. These two players are the reason the Golden Panthers place are our #5 sleeper team.

4. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs are lead by their star WR #4. Coming in at a 91 OVR, 6’2” height, and 88 spd he is one of the best overall receivers in NCAA Football 13. He is a major reason that the Bulldogs are the #4 sleeper team on our list. You will want to start QB #11 over QB #10 as he has much better THP (86) and THA (86) then his counterpart. The deep secondary is also a big time strength for the Bulldogs as they have two premiere safeties. FS #20 and SS #31 bring senior leadership and will help to make big plays in the run game as well as in coverage downfield. DT #70 is rated a 78 OVR but has 94 STR which means he will cause major disruption in the run game. If you get the ball to WR #4 early and often you will have enough talent on the defensive side of the ball to win you games with the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.

3. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

To win games in NCAA Football 13, it all starts with being able to have enough speed in the defensive secondary to compete with the top tier teams in the game. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have two of the best corners in the game. While they don’t have the elite 90+ OVR ratings CB #11 and CB #25 come in at 87 OVR and 82 OVR. They have 95 SPD and 91 SPD, they are both taller than 6’0”, and both have above 90 MCV. This means you can rely on their cover skills to lockdown your opponents passing game. If great secondary coverage isn’t good enough look to HB #23 who is a 83 OVR, 94 SPD, 90 AGI, and 91 ACC. He is a back that can make something out of nothing and is great in passing situations. Speaking of passing the Scarlet Knights have one of the biggest targets in the country with WR #17 who is 6’6”, 84 OVR, and 91 SPD. When in doubt simply throw the ball up to him and look for him to make a play because of his height. The Scarlet Knights are a silent assassin this year and they are one of our favorite sleepers in the game. 

2. Purdue Boilermakers

When we first sat down analyzing every team in the game to determine who our favorite sleeper teams were, we sat in shock at how dominate DT #93 really is in this game. He is an absolute game changer on the defensive line. His 95 strength makes him a matchup nightmare for opposing offensive lines and forces running lanes outside. Continuing on the defensive side of the ball the Purdue Boilermakers have something that not many teams in NCAA Football 13 possess and that’s three 80+ OVR cornerbacks that all have 91+ speed. While none of these three defenders stands alone from the others they are a cohesive unit that can lockdown most receiving packages that an offense might have. The Boilermakers also have three QB’s that can be used at any situation but we prefer to use QB #15 as our starting QB. He has the most speed of the QB’s and is the most balanced in terms of THP 84 and THA 82. In the backfield you can give carries to both HB #23 and HB #24 as they are both solid options in the run game. Purdue has a lot of depth at a lot of key positions and that’s what lands them at #2 on our sleeper list.

1. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

What makes Tulsa so good? Their offense is unbelievable! For a team that’s not in the Top 25 and not rated an A in any category they have an explosive offense and have playmakers at every position. It all starts with QB #7 who is an 89 OVR with 82 SPD, 90 THP, and 86 THA. In the backfield the Golden Hurricane have three players that can carry the ball effectively. HB #25 is our feature back with his 95 SPD. We spell him with HB #22 who has 93 SPD. For short yardage situations we use FB #34 who has 84 TRK. Tulsa has three receivers who get the job done on a consistent basis who are all rated 80+ overall. WR #1 is a hidden Gem in NCAA Football 13 as he has 94 SPD and stands at 6’4” tall. The Tulsa Golden Hurricane fall under everyone’s radar and make our #1 sleeper team in NCAA Football 13.

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