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Marketing_EABlogHeader_GT_TS4_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jan 22, 2015

Try The Sims 4 For Free with Origin Game Time

Origin Game Time is back! Now you can try The Sims 4, absolutely free.

You’ll get the full version of The Sims 4 on Origin Game Time. Sample all-new creative tools like Build Mode and Create-A-Sim, then explore vibrant neighborhoods, build relationships or cause chaos. It’s all up to you.

Your progress in The Sims 4 will be saved, so if you decide you want to buy the game and keep playing after Game Time has ended, you can pick up right where you left off.

To begin your Origin Game Time with The Sims 4, just download the game and start playing. Remember: once you launch The Sims 4 for the first time, your 48 hours will start counting down, and the Game Time clock will continue to run whether you’re in game or not.

Ready to get started? Just add the game to your Origin library and download it. When you’re ready to try The Sims 4, launch the game and enjoy two days of play for free.

Have fun creating, controlling, and ruling in The Sims 4!


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Comments (13)

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    It appears to be broken. I played with the Sims 4 character creator but that's it. I've just downloaded The Sims 4, it says I've already played for 1 hour. It also says "Game Time not yet started." I hit play, then "Play Now" on the additional dialogue explaining I have 2 days. I then get a big dialogue saying could not activate, enter product key from the Sims 4. A few seconds later an Origin popup spawns saying "Game Time Error" and telling me i've already enjoyed it?
    Jan 23, 2015
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      The same thing is happening to me. This Game Time version should be my first experience of The Sims 4, but it keeps asking me for a product key I don't have. Similarly, it also pops up saying that I now have to purchase the game because I have already enjoyed Game Time on my account, yet at the same time the main screen states that "Game Time has not started". What is going on?
      Jan 25, 2015
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    Having the same issue
    Jan 25, 2015
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    I'm having the same issue too
    Jan 25, 2015
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    It keeps saying I need to install the game even though I already have annoying much !!!!
    Jan 25, 2015
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    Had same issues as above, spoke to an EA help person and she said they are trying to fix the issue with origin timeplay asap, not sure why they released it knowing it wasn't working though...
    Jan 25, 2015
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    I've even unistall it and installed it again its not working still, what should I do?????
    Jan 26, 2015
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    I'm afraid that it's been what? 3 to 4 days now, and the issue has still not been fixed. EA help apparently are trying to fix the issue but it's not working. EA need to fix the issue a.s.a.p.
    Jan 27, 2015
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    It's still not working now and its the 2nd of February!
    Feb 2, 2015
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    Ea can you please make sims4 for android and iOS devices if you do I will be so happy and will play it eeveryday for The rest of my life
    Feb 15, 2015
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    Cool man
    Feb 15, 2015
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    I'm having the same problem. When I click on the desktop shortcut icon it keeps saying that my Origin Game Time has ended, but that I can pick up where I left off when I purchase the game. I bought it in stores and installed it, but doesn't work.
    Feb 27, 2015
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    I can't find my product code for active a game please help me to find it.
    Mar 13, 2015
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    isn't there a free way o download the sims 4? if tis can someone tell me
    May 24, 2015
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