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exfiltration-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 12, 2011

Turn Your Console Into A Battle Kit

Console clashing with your fallout shelter décor? You can skip the coat of matte black paint, because armored case producer Calibur11 just came out with a sleeker – and more hardware-friendly – design solution.

The Battlefield 3 Vault is a customizable case for the Xbox 360 Slim and PlayStation 3 Slim that transforms your console into a deadly-looking piece of art. Each model features a smoke-colored body, a three-mode LED light-up claymore, and a DICE logo smoke grenade. An optional, installable cradle (shown on the Xbox 360 model below) makes for easy headset or controller storage.

Xbox 360 Calibur11 BF3 Case
PS3 Calibur11 BF3 Case

Calibur 11’s signature performance grid improves airflow and system cooling as well, ensuring optimal performance as you plow through Battlefield 3’s fully destructible, war-bitten world.

The Battlefield 3 Vault case will be available this fall at, as well as at all major online retail outlets, for $89.99. Pick yours up, then pre-order your copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin for exclusive bonuses, including the 870 Combat Shotgun and the Beret.

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    Man that's so bad ***!
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    Sick! Im on it.
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