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640x360_TWIM_nolive.jpg POSTED BY Eric Gray ON Sep 6, 2012

TWIM - Season 4 Premieres Tonight at 8pm


TWIM or This Week In Madden is a live weekly web show that brings gamers the hottest Madden NFL 13 Tips and Tricks. This year EA SPORTS and Madden have teamed up to bring you a show that will really give you an edge.  
TWIM is the premiere show in the community for getting live tips and strategy that keep your game at the top. EA SPORTS Game Changers and writers of the Prima Official Players Guide for Madden NFL 13 ZFarls and SGibs break down your questions for a full hour and give away all the secrets they discovered during thousands of hours of labbing.
To see the live show at 8pm ET Click Here
Here is a quick look back at last season’s highlights 

TWIM keeps you on the cutting edge of the football gaming world with new strategies, tips, and tactics to help you stay ahead of the competition all year long. It also features "The Game of the Week," where two top players battle it out live online and explain their mindset as they play at a high level. If you want to get inside the minds of the world's best players, here is your chance! 
If you have questions you would like to see broken down live, send them to @Maddenbible or @SGibs7.
Make sure to stay tuned to find out how you can enter into the Game Of The Week to showcase your skills against Farls or Gibs live on the air!
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