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mut-header-2.jpg POSTED BY MR21215 ON Jul 10, 2012

The Ultimate Team Experience in Madden NFL 13

What’s up Madden NFL fans, this is Marc Rollins (MR21215) from the EA SPORTS Game Changers and checking in with some MUT 13 news. For those who are new or never paid attention to this mode the news from July 9th Playbook webcast may make you want to take a serious look at this mode. So many changes have taken place for Madden Ultimate Team 13 from a new hub, new legends added and a new website to improve your Madden Ultimate team experience.

When you first enter the mode, you will be able to start off by picking a team captain from your favorite NFL team and get that team’s uniform to go along with the captain. To go along with your captain and uniform you will receive a starter pack to get you started.

One thing that had me excited is in Madden Ultimate Team the amount of reserve cards has been raised from 100 to 1,000 which is huge due to the fact that you may be a collector of all of the NFL jerseys and stadiums but you never had room for contracts and injury cards. Then you make a purchase of a pack and in previous versions of Madden Ultimate Team you would have reached your limit and would have to cut a player or be forced to use a contract card when you were not ready. This gives you a variety to build your Ultimate Team to be ready to play any type of team for any situation.

EA SPORTS also revealed new legends such as Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Warren Moon, Shannon Sharpe and Joe Greene to go along with legends currently in the game. Even though Jerry Rice is a legend I would love to see a Montana to Megatron TD. They’ve also added legendary coaches like Tom Landry and the great Vince Lombardi.

On the webcast EA SPORTS also showed the solo challenges, where you can compete against the CPU in a series of challenges for coins, packs and certain cards without playing online as well as not losing any contracts with your current Madden Ultimate Team roster.

They have also given Madden Ultimate Team fans something that is vital if you are deep into this mode, a website to keep up with all things MUT whether it is the latest promo, check on your team during the work day or schedules for content release it is a way for fans to always be “in the know” when it comes down to your Madden Ultimate Team experience.

Make sure that you give this mode a try I promise you will not be disappointed. August 28th 2012 cannot get here fast enough until next time HAPPY GAMING!