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ultimate-team--powerhouse.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Apr 1, 2013

Build a Powerhouse in Madden Ultimate Team

Turn your Madden Ultimate Team into a dominant force by cashing in on pack sales and the Gold Starter Team Upgrade.


Madden Ultimate Team features revamped packs that make it easier to find a legendary player. Every MUT Pro Pack will contain at least one gold, elite or legendary player.

Item tiers start at bronze with the most common, and proceed to silverfor uncommon, gold for rare, and elite (red) for ultra-rare. The best, most rare tier of items is legendary (blue).


The Gold Upgrade Starter Pack is a great first purchase for any new player. It includes 10 gold tier players (each with OVR of 85 or more) that can start on your new team right away. The offer is so good, purchases are limited to just one per customer. These 10 players will get your team off and running towards championships in Head-to-Head Seasons mode.


Visit the Store to buy new items or packs to improve your Ultimate Team. You’ll find several different kinds of packs at various prices, and also pack bundles that provide a bulk purchase discount. Each pack includes a number of random items with the chance to find a high quality legendary or elite player. Visit the Store often to find special, limited-time promotions and sales.


Madden NFL 25 is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary and buy your copy today.