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6192012-NCAA13-PatchUpdate-Blogheader.jpg POSTED BY Jason French ON Jul 19, 2012

Upcoming NCAA Football 13 Title Update Details

Hello NCAA Football fans, I'm Jason French, lead producer for NCAA Football 13. I'm here to give you some additional information on the post-release updates that we are currently working on.

Once the game was released, we started watching the forums and talking to our EA SPORTS Game Changers community to see what areas needed to be addressed. It came to our attention that there were two big issues that we were facing with the game and I commissioned a quick title update in order to get those two issues fixed as soon as possible. The first issue was a loss of functionality on the Playcall screen, which created a situation where you couldn't change the formation without pausing the game. The second issue was a random crash in our Dynasty mode while loading into a Dynasty game. Once we became aware of these issues, we got fixes in and submitted a title update to Microsoft and Sony. The first title update in order to fix these two issues was released on July 31st.

Our second update, which will be released by Sony and Microsoft on August 15th, will address the following issues that we have seen from our telemetry and heard about from our community:

  • Gameplay
    • Zone Defense has been updated.
      • We improved receiver leverage logic as well as predicting when a receiver will be in or out of their zone.
      • Improved Deep Half Zone decision making about when to split between uncovered receivers. Also, allow more zone overlapping in deep half to cover more area.
      • Deep half defenders were dropping too close to the sideline or dropping outside when no receiver was outside of their position.
    • No-Huddle QB Spy bug fixed. Defenders will no longer go into spy assignments while in man coverage.
    • Receivers weren’t looking for hot-read passes.
    • CPU QBs passing during the drop would get set passes instead of on-the-run inaccurate passes.
    • Change the logic of man defenders so they don't run into the backfield and past the receiver they are covering.
    • Route running near sideline was causing issues especially on comeback routes.
    • Fixed players not respecting global show blitz/press/back off coverage after handing off a receiver.
    • Fixed sideline streak routes so they don't get clamped in a way that the route would end after 10 or 15 yards.
    • Drive summaries should now reset after each scoring drive.
    • Fixed HB stretch play issue where TE’s would be frozen in place during certain blocking animations.
    • Fixed an issue where if a defender made an interception in the end zone and fumbled the ball before his feet touched the ground, it was being counted as a fumble and not an incomplete pass.
    • Resolved an alignment issue where DB on HB would pick up FB instead of HB when HB was put in motion
    • Removed exploit that allowed users to create slant routes to the sideline by motioning a WR and flipping the play.
    • QB Rushing up the middle from under center effectiveness has been balanced.
    • FG holders are no longer downed by contact.
    • Increased frequency of AI using ball carrier special moves.
    • AI play call tuning: No 4th and long run calls; less draws and screens.
    • Ball Hawk feature implemented for user pass defense.
    • Fixed frozen players after celebration dives.
    • Fixed wildcat Play Action exploit.
    • Fixed Defenders not reacting to the QB on read option and option plays when the users defensive adjustment vs. option is set to Aggressive.
    • Fixed shake blitz exploit.
    • Fixed exploit that allowed kicking team to recover squib kicks using low rated kickers.
    • Fixed defensive hot routes after offensive play flip.
    • Fixed issue where waiting for the defense to make their adjustments before picking a play when running no huddle/hurry up offense caused the defense to reset their play back to the original play.
    • Fixed ‘Jump the Snap’ blitz exploit.
    • Resolved issue where defenders would not react or would be stuck in read and react behavior vs. the option.
  • Dynasty
    • Once a promise becomes active, it was duplicating after each week advance.
    • Recruit Reports & Advisory options remained even after the "Allow Time Savers" setting was turned off.
    • Schools with a D+ Program Tradition could not get their grade increased through wins and championships.
    • In the off-season, post season games were not shown to have been played.
    • Fixed an issue where walk-on players were not appearing on the Online Dynasty Web Site.
    • You will now get your points back if a recruit instantly commits during a phone call.
    • Fixed an issue where swayed pitches and grades weren’t being displayed correctly.
  • Custom Playbooks
    • Fixed an issue where if CPU coaches were given a custom playbook, the players were occasionally lining up close to the ball.
    • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to create an offensive playbook that consisted of 1 of every formation.
    • Fixed an issue where the user was sometimes losing functionality after the UI disappears in Custom Playbooks.
    • Increased the stability of the product by fixing various crashes.


In addition, you will see a "Uniform Store" added to the menu. In the past, we have had a cut off of mid-April for uniform submissions from schools in order to get them onto our disc in time. Sometimes those came in after the deadline and we would have to wait until the following year in order to get those default uniforms in. The "Uniform Store" will allow us to give you updated uniforms during the season. If it's an update to a team's default uniform, you will get those uniforms at no additional charge, via download in the store if and when available.  The first uniforms will be available in the store beginning next month.

After these title updates are released, we will continue to monitor forums and look at our internal telemetry to see if there are additional updates we should release. The NCAA Football Development Team is committed to releasing a fun and stable product for all of its fans.

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