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01222013-Yogify-blogheader2.jpg POSTED BY Jen Riley ON Mar 20, 2013

What is Yogify?

What the heck is Yogify?

Yogify is a studio-quality yoga app available on iOS devices. Start your journey with free sample classes featuring fast-paced, energetic workouts that link powerful poses in succession to empower the body and mind. Yogify has three levels to make it both accessible to beginners and challenging for even experienced yogis. Master more than 275 unique poses from the comfort of your own home.

What are the main benefits of Yogify?

  • 30+ hours of yoga across 50 progressively-challenging classes in total.
  • Fit for yogis of all levels – beginners, intermediates and experts.
  • Gain mastery of over 275+ yoga poses with photo illustrations, audio cues and tips.
  • Customize your music while you practice.
  • Connect with the Yogify community via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What does Yogify cost?

Yogify is free to download and features five sample classes. Then, choose from a collection of five class programs, ranging in difficulty from Level 1-3. Buy one program for $1.99, a whole level for $3.99, or get the entire collection (at a significant discount) for just $9.99.

What is a Yogify program?

Once you have downloaded Yogify, you can purchase nine additional programs that focus on Balance, Strength or Flexibility, ranging from Levels 1-3. Each program features five classes with a variety of lengths that target specific peak poses and areas. You will feel the progression from class to class and level to level as we take foundation poses and add complexity to them.

How can you gauge whether you are at Level 1, 2 or 3?

The best way to figure out what feels right for you is to test out the free classes. In general, a Level 1 class is more appropriate for beginners. You will see that the basic poses from Level 1 set the foundation of new poses in Level 2 and 3, respectively. Level 2 is appropriate for someone with a couple years of experience and a good foundation of practice. Level 3 is targeted towards an advanced yogi with fun, challenging poses aimed to broaden your horizons.

What is the difference between the Balance, Flexibility and Strength programs?

There are standard elements that you will recognize in all three of the programs, like the similar centering and relaxation at the beginning and end of each class. You will also recognize many of the foundation flow yoga sequences throughout. However, you will see different highlighted elements in the different programs:

  • Strength programs will work to build power and stamina.
  • Flexibility programs will help to open up your tight spots and keep you agile.
  • Balance programs will help to center the mind. You will spend time standing on one leg or working on arm balances.

Why can’t I get Yogify to work?

We recommend these troubleshooting tips upon downloading:

  • Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi, not a cellular network connection, when you initially download Yogify onto your device.
  • Yogify is only available on 4th & 5th generation iOS devices, so make sure to use an appropriate device.
  • You must be running iOS 6 or higher on your device.
  • Be sure you have at least 150MB of available space on your phone.

Which devices let me run Yogify?

Yogify is optimized for 4th & 5th generation iPhone and iPod Touch, and is also compatible with iPad. All devices must be updated to iOS 6 and above to support Yogify. Here is the full list of devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Will Yogify be available for other platforms?

We are always listening to feedback and will gauge interest in another version if there is demand. Right now, we are focused on making the best version of Yogify possible for iOS devices.

How do I buy a bundle of a Level or the entire collection?

Pick a program that you are interested in. When you tap the button to purchase you will be offered a bundle discount for that Level as well as for the entire nine-program collection.

Where are you supposed to put your phone while you practice?

The best place to set your phone is on top of your mat. You can pause the class with a tap of a button and also swipe back and forth from pose to pose if you happen to miss something.

Can I mirror my device through Airplay to my TV?

Yes. Yogify supports Airplay mirroring.


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