Pandemonium for iPhone


The classic, bestselling platformer is now available as an iPhone®/iPod touch® game! EA Mobile brings you Pandemonium, the popular fantasy game starring the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus! Nikki, a wizard-in-training, didn't mean to cast a spell unleashing the awful monster Yungo to swallow the entire village! Now, she and her wise-cracking friend Fargus and his puppet Sid are off to make a "boon" at the Wishing Engine to save everyone! That is, IF they can get past Eyeball the guard first!

  • Overview
    • Tap on your screen to play as Nikki for Quick Wit and a killer Double Jump or Fargus for an amazing Spin Attack move!
    • 18 worlds of danger, fun and adventure!
    • Use as many objects as possible to get to the Wishing Engine: Coins, Hearts, Jewels, Watermelons, Clouds, Spider Webs and Logs. Each gives you points and special abilities!
    • 3 unique powers: Red Beam to cause harm, Blue Beam to freeze your enemies, and a Green Beam to shrink them down to mini-bad guys!
    • Play as a Frog to jump sky-high, a Rhinoceros to charge your way through a crowd, an invincible Turtle or a Fire-Breathing Dragon!