Rango The Video Game


Tall tales come to life in Rango The Video Game, the exciting game based on the new film, Rango. Become the daring lizard and continue the adventure from the movie by shooting, riding, and flying your way through his many adventures.

As Rango, "the coolest sheriff this side of Dirt", you will have your hands full as you explore the town and keep its citizens safe from evil villains like Bad Bill and Rattlesnake Jake.  But things will take an even wilder turn when outer space aliens visit Rango's home turf!  There sure are some mighty strange things going on in town, and it's gonna take a real hero to sort out the mess.

  • Overview
    • Adventure lives on – Rango's escapades didn't stop after the movie. Experience all new tall tales and go on adventures to conquer dangerous outlaws!
    • Epic boss battles – Take on Bad Bill and Rattlesnake Jake in exciting, over-the-top shootouts.
    • Power to the chameleon – Use power-ups to perform great feats of chameleon strength and collect Golden Bullets for extra special attacks.
    • Ride into the sunset – Ride on roadrunners and desert bats to travel to where Rango is needed next.
    • Take up the challenge – Uncover secrets and pull off near-impossible feats to earn rewards and treasure.
  • Platforms: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS
    • Cartoon Violence