Robin Hood the Movie Game

Play the story behind the legend on mobile.

Share the spirit of adventure and righteousness of the legendary Robin Hood. Inspired by the Universal Pictures action-adventure film, Robin Hood The Movie Game by EA puts you in the role of the expert archer whose exploits have endured in popular mythology.

Join forces with the likes of Little John and Friar Tuck. Roam across multiple medieval environments using strategy, stealth, and strength in your quest for peace and justice.

Play the story behind the legend on mobile.

Visit the official Robin Hood movie site from Universal.

  • Overview
    • 10 sandbox levels (some with multiple solutions) and 4 Castle Quick Fire Levels
    • 3 unique graphical themes based on the movie
    • Different enemy types that require various combat strategies
    • Special side quests spread across the levels
    • 3 hidden crests in each level that can extend play and earn extra gold