Swap This! for iPhone


Get hooked on the freezing fishy swapping frenzy!

Swap it like THIS! Sure, there are other swap games out there. But how many let you save crazy-cute piranha-like creatures stuck in ice blocks with this much speed and intensity? There’s only one – and THIS IS IT!

Created by Two Tribes with a freakishly fast match-game mechanic, jump into 3 games modes and casually kill a few minutes or play for hours. Get an awesome mix of matching possibilities. There are lots of fish in the sea – enemy fish, that is. So battle all of them in Fish Fight! For a quicker bite of swapping action, check out Minute Match. Or take on the Puzzles and play with your mind. There are up to 45 brainbusters to test your wits! Also unlock up to 5 power-ups to help you break the ice.

While you’re connecting iced-over rows of bulbous creatures, you can also connect to friends via Facebook, Twitter, plus live leaderboards. See in-game score updates from your friends and send out challenges to beat your high scores. Even compete with the game developers themselves!

The screen jumps to life with bright, bold graphics made to maximize the Retina Display. Complete a level, and see cut-scenes featuring different animations and enemy fish. Discover the fish tale at the heart of the game!   

  • Overview
    • Save as many of the cutesy creatures from their icy prison before time runs out
    • Enjoy faster, more intense matching game action
    • Play through 3 exciting game modes: Fish Fight, Minute Match, and Puzzle mode
    • Unlock  5 unique power-ups
    • Test your wits with 45 Puzzles
    • Fight 7 different enemy fish
    • Check out 4 different end level animations
    • Dozens of in-game animations for 6 different creatures to match! 
    • Compete against  your Facebook friends via live leaderboards and then boast about your scores  on Twitter