Tetris POP for Mobile


POWER Up with Tetris POP. Push your skills to the limit in frantic timed challenges. Can you beat the clock in three high-energy modes and several action-packed Tetris mini-variations? Survive wave after wave of Tetriminos in Flood or drown in the Matrix. Trigger bombs in Detonator to go KABOOM. Hang on tight in Ledge or plummet into a bottomless pit. Dazzle your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprises and secrets.

  • Overview
    • Enjoy an incredible range of game play with 17 different mini-variations.
    • Experience three new play modes: POP, POP Chrono and POP Mix.
    • POP: Encounter 22 levels, each containing three mini-variations.
    • POP Chrono: Set your desired play time and let the game tailor a play session to fit your schedule.
    • POP Mix: Customize your game play by selecting your favorite mini-variations from the play list.
    • Complete levels and achieve goals to progress through the game and unlock a secret surprise.
    • Dazzle your eyes with stunning animated backgrounds.
    • Groove along to eight, high-energy music tracks.
    • Track your performance and achievements with Statistics and Feats.

    Each unique mini-variation poses its own intriguing and exciting challenge:

    • Trigger bombs in Detonator.
    • Create an electrical connection in Circuit.
    • Build your own floor in Ledges.
    • Think vertically in Stacker.
    • Turn up the heat in Furnace.
    • Conquer 17 more challenging modes.
    • Select the Vanilla mini-variation to get reacquainted with the fundamentals of Tetris®.