The Game of LIFE for iPhone


Stay single or say I do. Retire rich or lose it all. ANYTHING can happen in EA MOBILE'S THE GAME OF LIFE! Play it safe with sensible choices like college, marriage and kids. Play it risky with high stake investments and lavish luxuries. Navigate your car through a 3D environment of winding roads and lush landscapes. Pass ‘N Play with up to 3 friends to see who can get richest the quickest! Enjoy a new spin on the classic in this exciting mobile game and find out what YOUR future holds!

  • Overview
    • Enjoyable 3D playing environment
    • Innovative controls for effortless navigation around a colorful gameboard
    • Pass ‘N Play with up to 3 friends
    • ‘Share The Wealth Cards' & ‘Life Spaces' increase your chances of getting rich & winning
    • Re-Create your "LIFE" every time you play
    • Endless hours of Replay