TMI TRIVIA for iPhone and iPad


Show what you know!

Got too much information? Show what you know with up-to-date questions from Variety, Celebuzz, SPIN, and more. Personalize it with questions about your real life, too.

Only TMI TRIVIA tailors and creates questions for you about your friends and your interests. Discover how much you didn’t know you knew!

Ready to play the trivia game with a mind of its own? Try TMI TRIVIA today and make your world a part of the fun.

  • Overview
    • Answer over 30,000 questions from SPIN, Celebuzz, Fanhattan, and Variety, with new ones added regularly!
    • Choose from categories like TV, Sports, Celebrity, Life & Style, Movies, and more
    • Challenge up to 4 friends at once
    • Compete in weekly jackpots for insane bonuses
    • Enhance your trivia prowess with power-ups