Worms for Mobile


Dig it! WORMS from EA Mobile!

The classic comic war game is back on mobile with an all-new update for 2010!

Send your worm platoons into battle with cult-classic weapons like the Banana Bomb and Super Sheep, plus wacky new ones like The Spartan Kick and The Brick. See the battlefield at a glance and fight on multiple skill levels, from Easy to Insane. Other gameplay improvements and new character-driven animation will definitely keep you worming back for more explosive fun.

  • Overview
    • Detailed worms with exaggerated reactions, personalities, and squealing voices
    • Cool new animation style
    • Cult Classic Weapons, including Banana Bomb, Homing Missile, Super Sheep, etc
    • New weapons, including The Spartan Kick, The Brick, The Ion Cannon, War Drums, Railgun, and The Battle Axe
    • Minimap
    • At-a-glance battlefield view
    • Training section: Learn the basics of the game in a story driven tutorial
    • Campaign from Easy to Insane Matches
    • Enemy Worms Factions introduce the 3 types of weapons: Close Combat, Range, Artillery