Play the dice game you know and love.

Five dice. That's all that stands between you and one of the proudest exclamations a human being can utter (well, at least when playing a dice game). It won't be easy, of course, but now that the elegantly simple game of careful combination matching has gone digital, at least starting the fun has been made as simple as firing up your Xbox 360. Well, that and snagging a 1 in 22 chance of actually getting the famed five-of-a-kind result. But hey, you're feeling lucky, right? Of course you are! So grab a seat, give those dice a virtual shake and make the careful decision to either record the results as a set of matching numbers or a familiar poker hand, but watch out; you've only got 13 chances to land that coveted ultra-rare result.

  • Overview
    • Classic Yahtzee and More - The time-tested original, plus new modes like Block Out and Wild Dice, or customize a mode to suit your personal tastes.
    • Xbox LIVE Extras - Leaderboards and Achievements let you challenge friends or yourself.
    • Beyond Board Games - Unlockable items and party games offer a new take on the familiar.
    • Share the Fun - Grab up to three of your friends to play in the same room, or challenge them on Xbox LIVE.
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